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Tales of Adventure Comics and Games

Preorder Policy

TOAMagic.com understands that preorders come with volatility, and prices change over time.  We will never cancel a preorder due to the market price of an item changing (we may in the case of obvious clerical errors)

We understand, and are thankful to people that preorder early in a set’s cycle.  We understand how exciting it is to buy and play with new Magic cards, and we want to enable that as best we can.

We don’t want customers to feel guilty for buying early, or feel they were taken advantage of in the process.  Therefore, we have the below policy for cards that change in price in the preorder process:

  • The “Price to compare” will always be our website price the Tuesday before the set’s release.

  • If the total difference in price between what you paid and the “Price to Compare” is greater than $10 across all cards, we will issue a store credit refund for the difference. 

  • In the event a majority of copies were sold at a lower price than the “Price to compare”, we may, in our sole authority, issue a greater refund than normal.

  • If you believe you are covered by this policy, please e-mail us (toacomics@gmail.com ) within 30 days of the set’s release and credit will be issued.

  • If a card has dramatically changed in price early in a release cycle, we may choose to issue credit earlier.

In the event a customer chooses to cancel a preorder, the transaction will incur a 10% cancellation fee.


Thank you for supporting us.